Taylor Sappe Music Production & Instruction


BMI affiliated published songwriter since 1979
Producer/engineer and A&R for Captain Blue Records since 1980
Instructor at DeMelfi School of Music since 2005


All services are billed at $40 per hour unless otherwise listed


Music for sync licensing

Need music for film, TV, advertisements, video games, plays, etc.? Email me.

Listen to production samples.

Tracks from my catalog and custom tracks for your project are available.


Music Lessons

For beginners, intermediate and advanced students. Includes tutoring of college students with music majors. Email me



Project Recording Studio


Unlimited tracks of both audio and virtual instruments using Cubase 9.5. 

Editing, Mixing Mastering  Email me



Production Service


Need a producer for your next album or single? Email me with a brief description of what you want to accomplish.



Music for your lyrics


Do you write lyrics but don't know how to put music to them? Now you can have a completed demo, with music and vocals, ready for pitching or distribution.

For this service, I prefer to have the lyricist in the same room while I am working in order to try different ideas and get their approval for the ideas they like the best.

The rate for this service is hourly, and depends on the location of the work. Email me


Audio files transposed


Do you have karaoke music that is too high or too low for your voice? Get it transposed into the right key for you. Do you have audio from a multi-track recording project that is out of range of your singer or other accompanying instruments? Get it transposed into the right key. Email me


OCR Sheet music scanning

I now have optical character recognition software that can scan and read sheet music and convert it to a midi file. Email me

Transpose the midi file and re-print sheet music in new key.

 Assign midi file to a virtual instrument and listen to the music you scanned.

 Assign midi file to a virtual instrument and add more tracks to it for a complete production.

Note: This technology is not 100% accurate and may require some manual corrections.


Slow it down


Is there and instrumental solo you want to learn, but it is too fast to figure out? Is there a part you want to learn or a song you want to jam with but can't play it that fast yet? You can bring in your CD or file or send me the file and I will slow it down for you without changing pitch. Most audio file formats accepted. Email me


Songwriter and artist demos


Are you an aspiring songwriter or recording artist with limited instrumental skills, but need a demo or master recording done and can't afford studio musicians?  Email me for a free consultation on how you can get it done.

Need songs to record?

Choose from a large selection in my publishing catalog, in almost any genre, or have me write a custom song for you. Email me

 There is a small licensing fee to use a song from our catalog.  This fee is based on what you intend to do with the final product.

You can use our studio mastered tracks with stems, create your own, or use yours in combination with ours.

Custom songs are billed according to the amount of time it takes to complete the song.


Just finished mixing your latest CD and need final mastering? I'm your guy. Reasonable hourly rates.   Email me to discuss your project.



Scoring & Sheet Music


Need a professionally printed score for your play, film, TV or video project, or just your song in camera-ready sheet music to be printed by a printing press? Maybe you are going on tour or into the studio and plan to hire union musicians who can read so they can duplicate your arrangement.   Email me to discuss your project needs.