Taylor Sappe Music Production & Instruction

What's New In 2017


10/30/17: Music for licensing in the Songtradr music library.


10/9/17: Beginning January 7th I will be teaching 5 new 12-week classes at the DeMelfi School of Music.  Each class will be 1 hour long and will be on a Sunday.  Click here to see the class descriptions.


8/14/17: Uploaded a new video on Diatonic chords.  This is one of several videos I use in the songwriting classes I teach at DeMelfi School of Music.


8/11/17: Started a 4-part YouTube video series titled "Speed Composing With Loops", that shows how to compose music with little or no musical instrument skills. Watch Part 1 where I build a chorus section of music. To see all of the others in the series and future uploads, subscribe to the channel.  To see only the 4 parts that make up the musical structure of that series, do a YouTube search for "Speed Composing With Loops".


8/11/17: How to set up a template for speed composing with loops is now ready to view on YouTube.


8/11/17: Understanding chord types is now ready to view on YouTube


8/11/17: Uploaded new production track titled "Classical Pop 1"


5/17/17: Production Tracks. Royalty free purchase of music tracks for use in production, songwriting, teaching. Includes audio stems, and when available, midi stems and chord charts.


3/24/17:  Added a new page connecting to my SoundCloud Page.  Click on the "SoundCloud" button in the menu.