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What's New 2009

Please note that some or all links may be dead since the posting of this page.

  • 12/30/09: Some new press on my participation in the creation of a new Christmas song. Hazleton Standard Speaker 12/16/09 issue. Hear the song, "On A Cold December Night" on YouTube.
  • 10/30/09: A former voice student of mine, Nickolene Gerenza, who sang "Dancin" on the Child Prodigies CD in 2007, got to sing at Rap Star JZ's show in front of thousands of people at the Bryce Jordan Center in University Park, Pa. Read the October 14, 2009 article in the Hazleton Standard Speaker, which appeared on the front page, and watch the youtube video.
  • 8/14/09: I have added Danny DeMelfi to my list of people who deserve special thanks.
  • 8/9/09: I have removed my song list from this web. Since I have retired from performing there is no longer any need for it.
  • 7/31/09: Today I announce my retirement to performing live music. With my time consumed by teaching music and producing CDs for new young talent, I have decided to pack it in and continue doing the few things I love more than performing: Teaching, producing, writing songs and recording them, spending time with family and close friends.
  • 5/22/09: Most of the summer teaching schedule has been prepared. It can be accessed from a link at the top of the current teaching schedule page. When we switch over to the summer schedule (June 10th), that will replace the current teaching schedule page.
  • 5/19/09: New voice student Destiny Hustin makes her debut on this web site with "My Immortal", and Emily Alvear records "The Call".
  • 5/14/09: I finally got some time to record 7 of the songs from my song list so you can listen to them. Not the best recordings due to time constraints, but enough to give you an idea of what it sounds like.
  • 4/22/09: That long awaited song list has finally been posted.
  • 3/20/09: A new section has been added to this web: About
  • 3/9/09: I just posted Kelsey Cronauer's remaining songs for her demo cover album. This makes 7 songs to complete her project that she plans to use as a demo for presentation to music industry execs. Read about her upcoming project on her page.
  • 3/2/09: The long awaited clips for the "Best of Escape Velocity" project CD have been posted for your listening pleasure. This music was produced from 1984 to 1994 and was released in 1994. There is now a group on MySpace, using the name "Escape Velocity". They are not in any way associated with this project.
  • 2/16/09: Two new student recording artist has been added to this site: 9 year old Sydney Powell, and 16 year old Kelsey Cronauer.
  • 2/16/09: 12 year old voice student Amber Schadder has added two more songs to her page: Colby Collait's "Bubbly" and Miley Cyrus's "See You Again".
  • 2/16/09: An archive list of all of the previous years records of "What's New" has been set up for your convenience and easy access. Click on the link at the top of this page.