PG Home Studio Club


Free Class

The Pine Music Production Club will be holding a free 1 hour class with a demonstration of how music enthusiasts like aspiring songwriters, recording artists, musicians, recording engineers and producers can make music quickly with little or no musical skills. The class will discuss the most economical way to create your own home studio if you don't already have one, how to set it up, and for those who have a home studio, how to get the most out of your studio.

Additional club meetings, which are once a week, will discuss tips and tricks for improving work flow, solutions to problems, and Q&A, learn the art of recording, and work on projects.

You can register for one of the 3 days, from February 16th to 18th, that this free class will be held at the Pine Grove Elderly Housing Community Building across from the Post Office. Seating is limited to 10 seats per class, so reserve your spot today. Click Here  to register.

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