Welcome to the "Conncections" newsletter. This newsletter is designed to help you connect with people who can help you fulfill your dreams.


The most important thing I learned in my 50+ years in the music industry is the importance of networking.  That's why I have developed this newsletter to help people connect with the right people to help them achieve their goals. 


Here's how it works:

First you determine what your idea of success is and describe it as a goal.  When you subscribe to this newsletter you will be asked what that goal is.  Next you will need to determine what skills and resources you need from others that would help you to reach your goal.  List them in the subscription form.  Lastly, you need to be able to tell us what skills and resources you have to offer others who might need what you do.  This will all be posted in our newsletter and sent to all subscribers.  There will be a "connect" link at the bottom of each listing.  To protect your privacy, all connection links are moderated until both of you agree to connect.  At that time your contact information is forwarded to each other and you may begin working together.  In many cases you may be able to exchange services that will be mutually beneficial to each other's goals.  In the event that you have something that someone needs but they don't have anything you need, you may offer your services or resources for a reasonable price. 


If you received a personal invitation to subscribe to this newsletter, it means the person who invited you believes you are the kind of person who believes that a network of people helping each other is essential to our success.  Because of this, your subscription fee will not increase for as long as you remain subscribed.  If you should decide to cancel your subscription at any time, you are welcome to re-subscribe at anytime in the future at the then current subscription rate.


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